- March 19-31 -

This is kind of a boring entry, but every other Tom, Dick, Chris, Tim, Adrian and Harry have got one - this is a club that they can't stop me joining, so I'm gonna...

Actually, it's just a little thank you to Tim, kit car builder extraordinaire, who said "you'll be painting the garage white then - helps with the light". "Of course" I realised replied.

And he was right - it's much lighter in there now

And whilst I was at it, I added an inch to the height of the floor in an attempt to both level it and to stop rain getting in round the edges, completely redid the electrickery by fitting a proper consumer unit instead of a couple of junction boxes which had been my previous effort, doubled the number of overhead lights, quadrupled the number of sockets, installed a dehumidifier, a PC with a 802.11g wireless card (for music, webcam and Cam7 in the garage) and built a studly new bench using some of Steve's cast off EMC chamber panels.

- April 9 -

Alex and Sumy (his Caterham 7) became in need of a new home a few days ago. Alex moved into my spare room, and the Zoomzoomsoomster moved into the garage.

Where it promptly bled brake fluid and oil over my nice new floor.

So, when Alex was away for the Easter weekend, I crawled around on my hands and knees, wire-brushing the floor, painstakingly removed Sumy's emanations; I sealed the floor; and painted it a smashing green colour - which is the nearest I could get to cucumber...


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