Some more little jobs

- April 5 -

A few other odds and sods jobs rounded off the day:

  • one of the oil cooler pipes runs through a hole in the steering rack mount brackets - I put some grommet strip round this to prevent chafeing.
  • centralised the steering wheel
  • DH2 came round to help me bleed the brakes, and to help me Sikaflex in the bonnet and radiator grills.

More little jobs

- April 8 -

To finish off the day, I did some other finishing up jobs:

  • glued down bits of trim
  • made a note of the fuse and relay layout
  • fitted the glove box lid
  • redid the sticky foam around the clocks - to make it look a bit neater and more permanent
  • Cut some rubber pads to go on the driver's seat - to try and provide a bit of protection from the bolts that go through the bottom and back.
  • painted the mirror mounts

General SVA fixes

- April 25 -

  • Rubber boot on the centre mirror : check
  • Blunt edges on bonnet grill : check

I put some JB Weld to fix (I hope) a small leak from the fuel tank where the plate had been welded in at the top - obviously the welder had left a little hole, and fuel seeps out when it slops up to the top of the tank

- April 26 -

  • Anti-chafe rubber on bottom edge of scuttle : check
  • Rubber hosing glued onto tubes under dash : check

And I spent quite a bit of time cutting bits of rubber to fit around the seat bolt in the back of the seat, in an effort to stop it digging into my back. I also discovered that none of the tim I've ordered from East Kent Trim fits the aeroscreen edge - and even if it did, it wouldn't go very convincingly around the corners. Bit worried now, as the SVA re-test is in 3 days...


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